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Born in Colville, Washington on July 10, 1973 and raised in Veneta, Oregon, Nathan Sawaya studied law and earned his degrees from New York University. He joined Winston & Strawn in New York City as a practising lawyer. It is in 2004 that he decided saying ‘goodbye’ to his fulltime profession to let himself be fully immersed into the world of brick art. During the later part of the same year he opened his art studio in New York City.


The artist is smitten by the charm of the city he lives in. The energy of the city fits perfectly with his enthusiastic nature. If he is confounded by a problem a walk around the city clears his head and more often than not produces a solution. The city of New York too reciprocates this love which is evident in the way the audience over there have embraced his art. Nathan felt honoured when New York Public Library commissioned him to create replicas of the famous marble lions that sit in front of the library.


Nathan Sawaya’s own experience has taught him how critical art is for everyday life. A big proponent of studies focussing on art in schools Nathan believes in the research that shows, ‘Schools with strong art programs tend to do better academically than those without.’ He also actively teams up with other artists from various fields of creative expressions. Such a collaboration with photographer Dean West led both of them complete a project titled ‘In Pieces’, a highly stylised representation of contemporary life.


Today Nathan Sawaya’s works are exhibited worldwide. A lover of pop music, Star War, ‘The New York Trilogy’ (by Paul Auster) and Mexican food, Nathan’s journey so far could be considered has aptly been captured through his work ‘The Courage Within’.