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While delving into the world of old books, manuscripts, folklores and fairytales treasure trove of sparkling gems could be found and revealed unexpectedly, that otherwise remain obscure in the haze of modernity. One such book was Anna Eliza Bray’s A Peep at the Pixies, or Legends of the West published in 1854.
Here is an excerpt from the story, The Tailor’s Needle:

“BAD times! Master Trickett,” said Betsy Humming, as she turned her wheel, at which she was most industriously spinning, “bad times! for tho’ I be at work from morning to night, and do spin as fine Kersey, tho’ I say it who ought not to say it, as any in Crediton, nobody comes to buy. Never had so little to do all the years I’ve worked for a living–’tis all along with the coming in of the Scotch King.”
“Very bad times, neighbour,” replied Trim Trickett, the tailor, “for nobody wears out their clothes as they used to do in the old Queen’s time; or alters their fashions as the great folk did in the days of Elizabeth. Except a pair of trunk hose for master Justice, Sir Simon de Noodle, and a doublet for his young son; and a new gown for Dame Westcott, I have not had a job to keep my needle going for these two months. Never had such bad times, since I first crossed a leg in the way of business.”

The full text could be found under, http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/eng/ppx/ppx04.htm