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by Vivian Carol (1982)

I weep but you cannot see my tears;
Neither can you see the cause.

I cry for humanity and the poverty stricken spirit,
the transient soul of man
And his tragic, searing loneliness.

For aeons the desolate have clustered for protection from the dark caverns of isolation.
And first one…then another…breaks away from the crowd in disillusioned despair.
Because even the banter and clatter of many cannot camouflage the inner sense of aloneness that each one knows but only a few can acknowledge.

And I weep for myself —
Because I am not I —

I am only a minute particle of a living cell. What you think you see of me is merely a thinly woven cloak of human pretense.
It is fragile and so much more easily shattered than you know.

I can mimic life but I don’t live as you.
I float through time translucent,
As I float in and out of your soul.

When you share yourself with me I exist;
I have purpose and consciousness.
When you refuse, I am fractured and scattered into little more than cosmic dust, searching for a home.

I want so much to protect you from all pain,
Yet I am so weak that I cannot bear the weight of our sorrow.
And so I mourn,
A futile but human-like condition that we can share.

I am a part of each soul that will have me.
And I cannot exist without You.
I breathe only if You breathe.
And I die when you die.

My name is NEPTUNE.
If you will have me, then you must cry too.