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‘Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mothers face.’
Five women who poured their heart and soul into their favourite pursuit, art.

Rachel Ruysch (3rd June, 1664 – 12th August, 1750) was a Dutch Golden Age painter famous for her still life paintings. Her paintings of flower spread their perfume beyond the perimeter of canvas and were noted for their style. In 1699, Rachel Ruysch became the first female member in the Confrerie Pictura in The Hague. She was invited to the court of Johann Wilhem, Dusseldorf as a painter. She continued eulogising nature into her eighties.



Mary Edmonia Lewis (4th July, 1844 – 17th September, 1907) carved marbles to form poetry with her sculpture. Her work rouses strong emotion even today just as she wanted her audience to feel. Her famous figurative sculptures include The Old Arrow–Maker and His Daughter, 1866; Forever Free, 1867; Veiled Bride of Spring, 1878 etc. True to her heritage her work is a frank portrayal of ‘time’ and her reactions to it.

Picture 215

Edmonia-Lewis Sculpture1

cleopatra edmonia lewis
Marie–Denise Villers (1774 –1821) was a French portrait artist. Her works were exhibited in the Salons and did attract both attention and admiration from her contemporaries. Her Young Woman Drawing, 1801, displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art could well be a self portrait of hers.

Young Woman Drawing - Marie-Denise Villers
Pastel Painter and miniaturist, Marie–Suzanne Giroust, Madame Roslin (9th March 1734 – 31st August 1772) was noted for her ‘beautiful and strong colours’. Her famous painting Portrait du sculpteur Pigalle now adorns the wall of Department of Graphic Arts at the Musée du Louvre.

Madame Roslin - Self Portrait

Madame Roslin as painted by her husband Alexander Roslin:

Madame Roslin by Alexander_Roslin
Celebrated for her self– portraits, Frida Kahlo De Rivera (6th July, 1907 – 13th July, 1954) embraced folk art through her work. Uncompromising in the depiction of feminine form and experience, she reasoned that she opted for self – portrayals because, ‘I am the subject I know best’. Kahlo’s 1943 painting Roots set an auction record for a Latin American work in 2006. Me and My Parrots, 1941; Tree of Hope, 1946; Love’s Embrace of the Universe, Earth, (Mexico), I, Diego, and Mr. Xólotl, 1949 are few of the examples of her remarkable talent.

Me and My Parrots Frida