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The following is a snippet of an interview with Marcella Hayes Muhammad. Read the full interview here.

Back in 1957, a fourteen year old girl was seen deeply contemplating the work of a 20th century master, Pablo Picasso, in a museum named after him in Paris, France. It was there, for the first time in her life she learned the magnitude of the revolutionary artist’s work – realism tinged with symbolism, cubism, classicism, surrealism and so on. The visual extravaganza impressed her mind immensely and stayed there. The artist in Marcella Hayes Muhammad was stirred to its very core.

While being based on cubism your art is still truthful to yourself. How would you define your relationship with cubism having added layers from your own vision? How organically did it develop over a period of time?

My relationship with Cubism is a love affair of mutual admiration and respect for the mathematical precision. Cubism is described as a method of representing three dimensions as seen from several viewpoints using a technique called faceting to dissect and reconstruct the subject to depict its essence rather than its exact appearance. I wanted to take a different approach. I enjoyed the dissection of the subject but not so much that it was no longer recognizable. I also wanted to follow the curvature of light as it travels around the subject. So by incorporating the elements of my choice I evolved the style to partially abstract the subject, use color and light to create three dimensions on a two dimensional surface and still maintain the mathematical precision of direction and balance. This began in 1964 and I have been developing this style right up until today. It is my most challenging, most fun and creative style. It is my signature style and I self published a book about this style titled, A Journey Through Plastic Space available on Amazon.

The Sound of Soul Strings – Marcella Hayes Muhammad

The Sound of Soul Strings - Marcella Hayes Muhammad


Image Courtesy: Marcella Hayes Muhammad