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How unusual things may inspire creativity … a snippet of the interview with Stephanie Chloe Bila. Read the full interview here.

Perhaps the love of beauty is timeless; perhaps beauty yearns to be regarded; perhaps diamond only sparkles when embellished and coveted by a beauty; perhaps an artist like Stephanie is born to adorn beauty with her timeless creations. But to be fair to Stephanie, it is not so much diamonds or rubies that piqued her interest and inspired her creations. Instead, she was captivated by Japanese bamboo sculpture and created one of her most famous series inspired by that.

How did you consider giving Beech timber a new dimension and even promote it as an important element to highstreet fashion? How important the choice material is in overall scheme of the things?

I saw the sculptural qualities inherent in the material and decided to take it out of its original context (handrails, furniture, interior fixtures and fittings) and use it in an innovative way to create my jewellery. The material chosen is extremely important. My work is a constant dialogue between the wood and my envisioned design; the woods flexibility allows my designs to take a more spontaneous direction as I am able to change and adapt throughout the entire creative process.

Designs by Stephanie Chloe Bila

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration and you seem to turn to it often to create your unique pieces. Talk us through your design philosophy and the procedure you follow to see your imaginations taking shape.

The natural surroundings in which we live influence us in more ways than we often realise. This concept has always fascinated me and as such has formed the basis for much of my design work. Though my newest collection may seem more structured than some of my older pieces this is merely due to the diverse sources of inspiration that exist in the natural world and whilst spontaneity and irregularity exist within nature so too do mathematical and architectural patterns. I believe the history of my work thus far has been drawn to this contrast. I begin each creative project with sketches of design ideas inspired through visual and literary research. Once an idea begins to take shape I experiment with creating three dimensional models in order to best find harmony between concept, material and process.

Designs by Stephanie Chloe Bila


Stephanie’s collections are available for further viewing at her own site.