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Come to the Greenwood Tree by William Makepeace Thackeray (18th July, 1811 – 24th December, 1863)

Come to the greenwood tree,
Come where the dark woods be,
Dearest, O come with me!
Let us rove–O my love–O my love!

Come–’tis the moonlight hour,
Dew is on leaf and flower,
Come to the linden bower,–
Let us rove–O my love—O my love!

Dark is the wood, and wide
Dangers, they say, betide;
But, at my Albert’s side,
Nought I fear, O my love–O my love!

Welcome the greenwood tree,
Welcome the forest free,
Dearest, with thee, with thee,
Nought I fear, O my love–O my love!

Painting by Alfred Sisley (30th October, 1839 – 29th January, 1899)

louveci1Alfred SISLEY