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Excerpt of an interview with artist Gavin Worth from Lucky Compiler:

Artist in Residence − Matha, France earlier this year and recipient of Best Visual Art Award − Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2010 Gavin graduated with a degree in Acting, and after college, worked as an actor and musician for the Santa Fe Shakespeare Festival, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, and the California Shakespeare Theater. But drawing, painting and sculptures remained his lifelong passions…

Your wire sculptures depict human emotions in its many hues. How do you decide on the theme before execution of your work? What prompted you to consider wires as a mean for sculptures?
There is usually very little thought beforehand about theme or anything like that. It’s more about being struck by a pose or an idea, seeing a small honest moment that is beautiful to me, and then refining that into a finished design.
I thought about using wire after a long period of disillusionment from a lot of the traditional art media. I wanted to find a very common material had a lot of expressive power. I experimented with a lot of things: nails, cardboard, I found ways to grow rust into images on steel plates, and I was really happy with a lot of the results that I were getting. They seemed striking to me. I’ve always leaned towards drawing, and especially the use of line, so when I saw that roll of annealed wire hanging in the hardware store by my house; I knew exactly what I needed to do with it.

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Image Courtesy: Gavin Worth