The Inked Expressions

From India to Egypt, all ancient civilisations revered sun as the source of primal energy, one of the key reasons for perpetration of life on earth. Rig Veda, the oldest book bearing written compositions on various matters involving human life, is most eloquent in presenting its ode to Sun (Surya),

Traversing sky and wide midair, thou metest with thy beams our days,
Sun, seeing all things that have birth.
Seven Bay Steeds harnessed to thy car bear thee, O thou farseeing One,
God, Surya, with the radiant hair.

Hymn to Surya, Rig Veda (Translated by Ralph T H Griffith)

But it is not only the poet’s mind that saw the beauty in the rising sun. Artists, architects and other similarly creative people of bygone era were equally adept in creating magnificent works of art as their elegies to Sun God. Ancient sun temples around the world boast of engineering…

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