The Inked Expressions

Ancient wisdom suggested complete devotion and surrender to sun as the primal form of energy. To offer their obeisance to this luminous star of the blue sky, human being erected places of worship dedicated to Sun God. Already in case of India we have seen how the architectural and artistic majesty of these sun temples have the capabilities of astounding us even today. Today, we will learn about some of the other sun temples that our forefathers so lovingly constructed.

Karnak, Laxor, Egypt

Karnak Sun Temple is another one of the sun temples included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The biggest precinct of the temple is dedicated to Sun God. Other precincts of this massive temple complex also pay homage to Mother Earth, wife and son of the solar deity. Archaeologists have failed to establish the actual date of construction of the temple of far. But it is generally believed…

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